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It will be the most powerful video of your life!
(Especially around minute 11 where I reveal one of my biggest secrets.)

I pull in hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.
And I’m still just a teenager. Want to know how I do it?



Do YOU know how to get thousands upon thousands of free visitors using social media such as YouTube and Facebook? I do.
Do your social media visitors hand you cash? Mine do.
Do you know the REAL secret to creating multiple income streams online that put cash into your bank account month in, month out… Even if you have very little online experience? I know.


When I was still attending high school in Chicago, my mom told me to work at a gas station to earn some money.

And I was actually considering it.

But I had this passion and interest in social media — especially Facebook. In the “early days” I played around a lot on Facebook, learning how gain loyal fans and build a responsive following. Of course, being so young (I was only 15), I had no money to do anything extravagant.

Not only that, I didn’t have an email lists, affiliates,
or a marketing team.

Did I mention that I had ZERO knowledge about online business. Again, remember, I was just a school kid.

The only thing I DID have was a passion and an unstoppable drive. Though I was young, I firmly believed I was going to be a winner.

So I tried lots of different things. I failed a lot but I also hit on a few big winners.


Lo and behold, I started getting results — AMAZING results!

Word leaked out and high profile bestselling authors, like Mark Victor Hansen and Les Brown, found out about me, and what I was doing with social media.

And they asked me to run their Facebook strategy!

I’ve even helped an international singing whiz, whose name I can’t reveal.

He released his album on Facebook — and accumulated nearly 500,000 fans.

Imagine what YOU could do with 500,000 fans.

Anyway, I didn’t know it at the time, but I had developed a system to monetize and bank profits from “likes” and traffic from Facebook, and I did all this before I hit the age of 16.

I was riding high on success at a time when most kids are stuck working at McDonalds for minimum wage.

While still in school I was making over $10,000 per month.

In my first 12 months, I built a list of over 50,000 people,
raking in over $300,000 in sales!

Then word hit the Internet Marketing community, and the I.M. glitterati — people like Brad Fallon, Anik Signal, Adam Horowitz & Tim Donovan — got wind of my success. Not surprisingly, they started getting behind what I was doing.


And that leads us to today — and at the ripe old age of 19 — I run multiple online businesses!

That’s right: multiple online businesses. Together they bring in a cool upper 6-figures, per year.

I didn’t realize it at the time but I had developed a marketing system for generating cash windfalls with social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and especially Facebook. What I did know was that my system works time and time again for anyone who follows it. After much success, we’ve started calling my system “The Six-Figure Incubator”.

The Six Figure Incubator

The Six-Figure Incubator helps online marketers make boatloads of money using social media.

It consists of several components… With the most important component being over 30 hours of video that walks you through the process from A-Z. Every minute of this golden information was taken from my live event in Chicago, from April of this year. People paid close to $1,000 to attend, and it was worth every bit of that cash.

Here’s some of what attendees learned:

  • How to turn your hobby and passion into $$$ using social media.In the Six-Figure Incubator I show you, step-by-step, how to turn your hobby into a money-making opportunity. This is the ultimate way you can make money while enjoying what you do. I help you uncover your passions and unique strengths.
  • Why social media is critical to business success these days, and why NOW is the best time to jump on it.Traditional internet marketing is becoming more difficult to profit from. A website that was profitable just a few years ago is probably bleeding money today. That’s because the buying behavior of customers has changed radically &emdash; thanks to social media like Facebook and Twitter. Which is why on my videos, I reveal how social media and internet marketing influences the way customers buy stuff.
  • How to uncover and tap into your hottest market.This may be my most profitable revelation. I show you how to identify your ideal customers and uncover their needs, frustrations, fears, and desires. I show you how to tailor your product to them. In addition to identifying the needs of your ideal customers, I show you how to get into their hidden psychology!
  • And MUCH MORE…



You’re probably wondering if the Six-Figure Incubator is only about ME revealing MY secrets and strategies?
The answer is NO — it is MUCH MORE!


To give you the best and most complete education, I bring in some of the world’s top experts in the mindset, marketing, and wealth creation arenas.

Bill Walsh…

The first expert is my Dad. What you may not know is that my Dad is a superstar. His name is Bill Walsh, and he is a world-renowned author, speaker, radio personality, and movie celebrity.

In the Six-Figure Incubator he shares the critical mindset you need to achieve financial success and freedom…

What’s great about my Dad is that he has a special ability to connect instantly with any audience and empowers them through his words.

Jeff and Kane…

Then we have Jeff and Kane.

This dynamic duo are the personal coaches of executive teams and CEOs of many Fortune 500 companies. Not only that…

These amazing guys have raised close to $100 million dollars of investment capital for investors!

Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about.

When these guys speak, you should listen.

Mystery Guest…

There is also a mystery expert who shares his expertise in my Six-Figure Incubator. I am not going to reveal who this mystery expert is because I want it to be a surprise.

All I’ll say is, this man is undeniably an online superstar.

He specializes in how to convert ordinary websites into money-making monsters. He has built multiple million-dollar businesses online. And, he’s no potato-head.

What else will you learn from the Six-Figure Incubator?

The right actions to take, if you're starting out. Because 9 out of 10 online marketers start out the wrong way, and fail miserably. How to uncover profitable niche markets that others are missing. These are the exact same steps we have followed when doing our own niche research. The 3 Biggest Opportunities to Profit Online. If you want to build a profitable online business rapidly, make sure you take advantage of one of the three money-making opportunities online. In the videos you'll find out what these opportunities are and how to take advantage of them. The most common and largest challenge online entrepreneurs face when starting out. You'll know how to overcome this challenge quickly, by following a few simple steps... These are the same steps I took to generate over $300,000 in sales over the course of my first year in business — all before I turned 18. The right way to set up Facebook to make tons of money! This is where I shine! As you know Facebook is the most popular social media site today. It has over 750 million active users. That's more than one in 11 people on the planet! It beats Youtube and Twitter hands down. The question is, how do you exploit Facebook's popularity AND make money? Generating cash with Facebook was how I built my business at a young age. In fact, it's ALL I did to get off the ground and get moving. How to create set up your Facebook Fan Page the RIGHT way. How to create your Facebook profile How to create and maximize the use of Facebook events and promotions. How to build your email list on a shoestring budget. How to interact with your fans the RIGHT way, so that your percieved as genuine and real. How to tag your affiliates and brand the RIGHT way. Great conversation starters, interesting questions, and crowdsourcing. The right way to utilize joint venture affiliations on Facebook. This includes how to find high-quality JV partners on Facebook; how to get other people to promote your list; and how to promote other people's lists. How to create an evergreen product that's always in demand... and continually deposits cash in your bank account. What's great about evergreen products, is that you create the product once, and then sit back and see the dollars keep rolling in. If you've set it up right, those dollars can roll in for years. What affiliate marketing really is. Believe it or not, most online marketers mistaken what affiliate marketing really is. And they don't know the real reasons for utilizing affiliate marketing to improve their brand's reach. If you ask most so-called 'online gurus', they'll tell you affiliate marketing is a great way to run an online business without a product. That's a fair answer. But it's NOT the real reason to do affiliate marketing. Why? Because you're unlikely to make millions of dollars selling other people's products. There are, however, many secret benefits of doing affiliate marketing... The three types of products will help you to rapidly grow your online business. You'll discover how to create, AND SELL, expensive products. When you follow the simple steps that I outline in my Six-Figure Incubator, you'll find it's easier than you ever imagined to sell products that start as high as $2500 a pop. How to drive sales high by building a powerful sales funnel. As you may know, a sales funnel helps you capture qualified leads and automatically convert them into customers. After watching the recording, you'll know exactly how to build one.



Before I show you what else you’re doing to get out of Six-Figure Incubator, I want to paint a picture for you of what’s REALLY possible when you follow the plan I’ve laid out for you.


At the tender age of 19, I’m travelling the world, living a first class life, and working from the beach.

How do I, a young college student, manage to make enough money and time to:

  • Run multiple online businesses that generate a high 6 figures
  • Travel the globe
  • Go to school
  • AND still have time for my family and friends?

I’m not simply going to tell you how, but I’m going to SHOW you how I do it all…

I’m also going to provide you some time saving, incredibly valuable resources to create a SYSTEM that works FOR you, rather than you working for your business.

Imagine running your business on auto pilot
so you can focus on what really matters.

Are you starting to understand why we had such an incredibly POSITIVE reaction from those smart enough to expose themselves to my strategies?

For many it turned out to be their most profitable move.

If this was everything I covered on these videos, then you’d be armed with more than enough killer tips and ideas to lock in more sales on your websites and social media pages.

Check this out…

In addition, you’ll get to see what profitable websites really look like compared to websites that don’t make sales. That way you can avoid these money-sucking mistakes. You’ll also get “behind the scenes” action, such as:

  • When and how you should follow up a lead or a customer
  • How your auto-responder emails should look like
  • How many emails you should send and at what time intervals.
  • The most critical step before making the sale.

One of the main reasons our business took off rapidly was because we had a great sales page. Our sales page was so persuasive and compelling that it converted like crazy. That’s how we were able to build a list of over 50,000 people and rake in over $300,000 within the first year. Within these videos, I show you EXACTLY how to create your own killer sales page that converts into more and more sales.

  • I’ll also show you the layout of successful sales pages.
  • I’ll even reveal the most effective way to use testimonials on your sales page.
  • Trust me, most people — even successful online marketers — are doing it flat out wrong.

Now let’s talk about PRICE…

People paid nearly $1000 for my event in Chicago.

Considering what attendees got out of the event — a blueprint for making tens of thousands of dollars per month — the cost to attend was really an amazing bargain!

If you went to the event you got tons of value. If you didn’t, then this is an excellent way benefit even if you could not attend. In fact, getting these videos is in many ways BETTER, because because I’m throwing in a bunch of other cool goodies that I’ll talk about in a second.

Wanna know something else that’s great news?
You don’t need to pay a thousand dollars for my
Six-Figure Incubator.

You don’t even have to pay $500…

Or $400…

Or even $300.

If you act while this offer is available, your investment for all this cutting edge money-making information is only $97.

Only $97! That’s less than a hundred dollars.

Imagine, for only $97, you can watch all the videos from the comfort of your home. You can have all my strategies and techniques to build a successful online business using social media as your springboard.

And you can make tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars just like I have. All you have to do is follow the steps I outline for you.

Compared to the profits you can potentially make, $97 is really a painless drop in the ocean.



BUT WAIT… there’s MORE!

The Six-Figure Incubator also includes:

Brand New Product! List Building Mania

126 PLR e-books. (In case you’re not familiar, PLR stands for Private Label Rights. You have the rights to do whatever you want with these e-books.)

My Six-figure Incubator comes with TWO FREE TICKETS to the Next Generation Success Summit LIVE. This is going to be a life-changing event for you and your friends…

Because during this 3-day event, you’ll be empowered and equipped with the:

  • Essential mindset
  • Techniques
  • Strategies

The things you need to succeed and create substantial wealth via online business.

And because I’m giving you TWO free tickets, that means you can invite your partner, family, friends, or whoever you like, to join you in San Francisco for 3 days — absolutely free of charge.

Other people have to pay nearly $1000 for a ticket to the Next Generation Success Summit, but you can have these tickets absolutely FREE — when you order Six-Figure Incubator.

It gets EVEN better… Not kidding here…

You don’t even have to risk a penny of your own money.

Your investment is fully protected by my 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

You can request access to Six-Figure Incubator. Watch and use all the videos and free bonuses as many times as you like. Put the strategies to the test. And see what happens.

The beauty of how I’ve laid everything out is that you get to see results fast.

Put The Incubator to the test and if you are not absolutely thrilled with the results, simply ask for a refund within 30 days and I’ll give you back your money. No questions asked.

And you can keep all the bonuses you’ve received.

I’m confident that’s not going to happen. In fact, I’m confident you’re going to be blown away.

Bottom line: You make money using my strategies or you get a full refund — Either way, you can’t lose.

Before you go, I have ONE MORE SURPRISE for you…

If you order Six-Figure Incubator BEFORE THE COUNTDOWN TIMER FINISHES, I’ll slash the price further to only $67. This is absolutely the lowest price you can get.



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When you order Six-Figure Incubator,
you’ll discover:

  • The 3 biggest opportunities to profit online
  • The right way to set up your Facebook page and turn it into a money magnet
  • How to turn your hobby and passion into $$$ using social media
  • Little-known tips to uncover and tap into your hottest market
  • How to build a list of JV Affiliates with Facebook
  • Simple steps to create an evergreen product that’s always in great demand
  • How to create a sales funnel that converts qualified leads into sales
  • And much more…

Not only that, you’re covered by our 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee — A no-lose proposition for you.

And all the bonuses are yours to keep, no matter what.

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